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Muddy Kids

Muddy Baby Bundle

Muddy Baby Bundle

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Introducing our Muddy Baby Bundle – a delightful collection of all-natural, wooden toys designed with your baby's safety and development in mind. Crafted from sustainably sourced wood and completely free from harsh chemicals commonly found in plastic toys, this bundle is the perfect choice for parents who prioritize their little one's well-being.

Product Features:

  1. Wooden Teething Rings: Soothe your baby's teething discomfort naturally with our smooth and non-toxic wooden teething rings. Designed to be easy to grasp and gentle on delicate gums, these rings provide relief during the teething phase.

  2. Flexi Jellyfish: Stimulate your baby's sensory development with our wooden Jellyfish. The gentle movement and colors spark curiosity and interest from your little one.

  3. My First Stacker: Foster cognitive development and problem-solving skills with our wooden stacker. The natural, non-toxic colors and various shapes will captivate your baby's curiosity and creativity.

  4. Peek-a-boo Roller: Perfect for tummy time and getting your little one moving on all fours. Its graspable and sparks curiosity as baby watches the arms move in and out as the roller rolls on a flat surface.

  5. My First Phone: A magnifier screen and a colorful beaded dial pad make a wonderful toy for interactive play and help to develop children’s dexterity and cognitive skills.

  6. Little Bear: The toy companion that makes your nursery almost as cute as your little one! Your baby can grasp, hold and talk to the bear. This toy helps develop fine motor and communication skills.                                                                       
  7.  Rainbow Roller: Toy makes a pleasant, gentle sound when rolled across flat surfaces. Stimulates a child's fine motor skills when manipulated and encourages early communication via interactive play.                                                                 
  8. Baby Car: This colorful toy car has a flexible body that reacts to your baby’s touch. Helps build visual and fine motor skills.





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